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Why Latin is ideal for social media


An article from The Economist, July 27th 2013, where Latin is claimed to be a dead language (many of us will disagree with that statement), points out, however, the appropriateness of Latin for the social media. Latin is ideal for twitter, facebook and the like, because, reportedly, in Latin (<em>sic</em>) five words can often say more than ten English ones … and I’d add, more than fifteen Spanish words. And that’s why Pope Francisco makes use of a twitter account called Pontifex Latin and why some radio stations, the article mentions two (but probably there are more), one in Germany and the other in Finland, broadcast weekly news shows in Latin. And there’s even a a Latin-only social-networking site, <em>Schola</em>, which was created in 2008  [<a href=””>Read More</a>]

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